Monday, January 10, 2011

LA Trip has Begun!

Hey all!

I got into LA today for a J-Term course through Columbia College Chicago.  During this course 9 other students and I will be touring five different studios and then presenting our demo reels and getting feedback on them.  We will also be learning ways to become more professional when we graduate from school and enter into the job market in the Animation field.

I plan to be a total tourist and take a healthy amount of pictures, which is something that I normally don't do so take advantage of it while you can!  Today I just have pictures from the trip out here.  Angel and I left from Chicago early, for us, this morning.  It all went pretty smoothly until we got to Texas where we were delayed for about three hours because of engine problems and SNOW.  Thats right, a snow delay in Texas... bizarre.  But now we are here and settled in at our hotel which is literally two blocks away from the studio where our class is held.

So first off here is my most recent Demo Reel.  I've been tweaking it for a few days now, putting in more time into it than I have sleep, literally.  Then the final compiling just got done just a few hours ago.  As always feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Now for for the travel pics!  (aka picture of my view from the plane and stuff.)

Goodbye Chicago!

Hello... snowy Texas?

Delayed Angled is delayed.

This was AFTER we boarded the plane the first time... at least I got to charge my DS.

Leaving Texas take two!

Cross plane poke-battle.  Just a little unfair?  Nah.

We literally ended up drawing on the DS for bout an hour.  I was a banana, and Angel's spoon was too big.

Just a cool shot of the mountains.

Home stretch!  Almost there!

Then I stopped taking pictures in favor of getting off the plane and my excitement to be in LA.  I'll update you all again tomorrow after the first day of class and the first studio tour!!!  I hope you're as excited as I am!

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