Sunday, November 14, 2010

Two Posts in One Weekend? Woah.

Hello. I have some more progresses. (progress'?) Please check em out and give me some feedback!

This is a test of a facial rig I am making. It is still rough and very brief for an animation test but I was just doing this to make sure I was doin' it right. You'll see alot more of this and the final one when I go through 'em.

Brief/Rough Facial Rigging Test from Jacob Funk on Vimeo.

Here is a progress of my normal walk. I want to go back in and tweak the arms to make them flow better, as well as add in some secondary. Tell me what you think.

Walk Cycle Progress from Jacob Funk on Vimeo.

And then this is the one im most excited about. I don't know if I'm excited cause its good or because its waaaay better than that old one. Just the legs so far so tell me what u think before I go too far.

Beginnings of a Sneak Cycle from Jacob Funk on Vimeo.

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