Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey everybody!

Wednesday was a pretty cool day in my book.  We go to tour Nickelodeon studios, and it was everything that I was hoping for when I came out on this trip.  The first thing that made me want to sign up for this trip was the fact that these major studios would be giving us wide-eyed students a portfolio, demo reel, review yet before yesterday the only critiques we got were in the classroom.  So when I heard that we were finally getting one on one time with someone from a studio I was more than excited.

The day began like any other, we met at the classroom at 9am, then sometime time later the bus showed up late, you now usual stuff, and we were on our way!  When we got there we realized that we weren't going to the studio any more.  Instead went to a center for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery!!!

Jonathon was very excited about this.  Can you tell?

And then I got even MORE excited if thats possible because........... GREEN grass!  Not brown dirt or whitish snow!

So first a doctor's office, then grass growing.  What could be better?  Oh yeah, this!

It was awesome to be at the home at some of the first cartoons I have ever watched.  When we first entered the studio we saw early art from some awesome Nick shows, like Avatar: The Last Airbender and SpongeBob Squarepants,  While we waited a little while for the whole show to being you'll never guess what I found!

Thats right, the thinking chair from Blues Clues!  I sat down to think, think, think and before I knew it was time for the day to begin!  Right off the bat we got down to business and got our portfolio reviews!  It was awesome to sit down with a working professional and given advice as to how better prepare myself for the job market.  I realized a few ways to increase my chances at getting hired, and completely plan and taking these actions.  Since it was one on one reviews the rest of us needed something to do while we waited.  So what do you do when you wait at Nickelodeon?  Watch new episodes of SpongeBob is what!

The reviews concluded and we got to take a tour around the studio.  We got to see where all the cartoons were made, as well as some in production shows that haven't aired yet.  Just like before it was awesome to see where professional artists really got to get together in a great community based environment.  After the tour the whole group got to take a picture by Lego SpongeBob.

After this picture we got to see where the new Kung Fu Panda show is being made.  It was a surprise to see where a full CG TV show was being made, let alone it bing an asset of DreamWorks.  With that our trip to Nickelodeon was concluded and we were on our merry way back to class.  We learned more methods of being a professional, cover letters and resumes and such stuff that would bore an observer.  I found it personally fascinating since I've never been taught this stuff before, but don't worry I wont bother you with that.  After that Gary, Shannon, Angel, Jeffrey and I came back to the hotel to play this card game called Bang!.   I assure you it is about Cowboys and such and nothing more... deviant.  As proof here is a picture of Sheriff Gary, the best sheriff around.

After that it was time for bed(ish).  Yet again we got to giggly to sleep and ended up staying up until 2:30.  So in favor of not doing that again I'm going to stop writing and go to sleep now, at 12:30.  If this is a successful sleep it will probably be the soonest I've gone to sleep.  I didn't take any pictures today at Warner Bros, primarily since we had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement but I will still talk about it tomorrow or so.

Tomorrow is DreamWorks!

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