Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday and Tuesday!

Hello everybody!

So I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, I was busy for most of the day and then by the time I was back at the hotel I was just too tired to do anything so i just crawled into bed and laid about.  It turns out I won't be taking as many pictures as I thought, the studios have pretty strict policies about taking photographs in their studios.  Also in an attempt to appear more professional, I figured not having a camera appearing to be fused to my hand would be all the better.  So onto the show!


The day began at around 8:00.  You all know how I love to wake up early so I practically jumped out of the bed.  Angel, Shannon, and I then all went to class which is only three blocks away, which is awesome.  It only takes about 10 minutes to get to the classroom so the place is incredibly convenient.

We got to the classroom at around 9am, since that is when we were told that is when the class started, but we were mislead!

The class actually began then began around 10 o'clock and we got down to business!

We began discussions in the class about where to look in order to keep current in our field, different magazine publications, websites, organizations, etc.  We also discussed resumes, getting ours critique'd and given ways in order to improve them so that they are more professional.

Then we went on break and discovered an awesome little coffee machine which makes bout 15 different kinds of coffee, tea, and then hot chocolate!

And then Jonathon was being sexy, as usual, during our break.

I also got a few pictures of Raleigh Studios, where our class is.

After the break we continued to discuss how to remain current in our field.  At 2 o'clock the class was over for the day and we began our journey to the first studio on our list!!!

While waiting for the bus I snapped a few picture of the cool landmarks around us.  The Hollywood sign and the Paramount water tower!

Then we got on the bus to go to... somewhere to be revealed later!

So then after driving a short while we arrived at.................!

Oh yeah!  Cartoon Network!  It was awesome to roam around the creative minds that helped to create some of the shows that I watched as a kid.  Yet I quickly found out that I will NEVER work in Television animation.  Almost all of the cartoons produced in the states are outsourced to other countries for the actual production of the show.  The pre-production and post-production are done here in the states, the rest is done elsewhere.  One noticeable thing that I thought was particularly cool was being able to see the actual file and puppets of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.  We then parted ways with the studio and headed back to Raleigh Studio to end our tour. 

We heard that the next day we would be going to see Disney Studios(!) so we decided to go see Tangled since some of us hadn't seen it, this was my second viewing, so we figured everyone should be prepared.  

We went to the Grove Theatre to see Tangled.

The inside was ridiculous!

After the show we all went back to our respective hotels to get some work done before the next day.  I had a few things to get done so I had to stay up a while to fix some things that we had discussed in class.  And then it didn't help that Shannon and I had a giggle fit until about 2:30 in the morning, not allowing us to sleep in then.  But luckily we had to wake up at 8, so it was... awesome.

I am going to get some sleep now because it is 1:50am... yet again we were doing something weird, a card game named Bang!, until late and I couldn't work on this.  Hopefully I will continue to write as I wake up today in 6 hours.  

Good Night!  Hopefully you get to see this soon!

Ugh, I have never been more tired....(thats a lie)

Anywho I'm going to try and knock this out quick before we go to Nickelodeon.  So it may sem brief but I'll talk bout it more later today.

So!  Yesterday we had our tour first, before our class.  We got on the bus around 9 o'clock which then transported us to Disney!

At first it seemed as though it was going to be a pretty unorganized day, we were told to go to like thre different entrances before we foun the first one.  Yet we eventually found the right one and we were given our passes.

We then went in for our tour and I quickly found out that Disney is AWESOME!  We had several speakers for us, some spoke of production pipelines, some Columbia alumni spoke of how they got there, and such spoke of purely animation.  We got great advice from everywhere, whether it be about animating, story, or how to further your career.  We got to see where all the animating happens as well as where some of the higher-ups usually are and a sweet little cafe dressed up as the Snuggly Duckling from Tangled.  

At the end of the tour we even got a little gift!

Before this tour I never really wanted to work at Disney, I heard a few horror stories and they never really seemed to focused on CG animation.  Yet now I see how wonderful of a work-environment it is, where creativity and art are truely king.

Anyway, I need to go now, but I'll try to include more of this tonight when I talk about Nickelodeon.  

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