Friday, October 29, 2010


Hey there everyone. I haven't used this since mid-summer, but now I am trying to get a few demo rell pieces together in a hurry. So I decided to use this place to get feedback on my pieces so that way they can be as best as possible.

This first one is a pitch I am redoing, from my Advanced Maya class, and it is fresh out of stepped mode. I'm looking for some overall comments on it to make it better before I go in a nd really start refining it. ANYTHING would be appreciated, unless ur just calling it poop. I don't like that,


Fresh into Spline-Mode Pitch from Jacob Funk on Vimeo.


  1. I really like the motion you have going on here. One thing that I noticed was the head after the foot plants may be going too slow when it whips downwards. Also were you trying to hold the knee and leg at the top of the arc before he pitches? Another thing it seems like he stops too quickly. Put some ease out in at the end so he just doesn't stop at a halt like he hits a wall. another thing may be to make him bend more after he throws it towards the ground. it seems like a very fast and hard throw and it may bring his body down more. just my two scents lol. but i do really like it.

  2. I'd agree with what Justin had to say :)

    For me the back leg has a weird arc as it follows through. Feels a little linear in parts.

    Also maybe have him start off with less (or opposite) tilt in the hips to have a better contrast with when he starts to wind up.

    And for the wind up maybe arc his back away from where he's throwing so the line of action reverses really nice.

    Okay I think I'm done...

    Did I mention that this looks really good? I like where you're goin' with this :)

  3. I think everyone's commented on the things I might but one thing I maybe could see you pushing is the torque in the hip to chest area...I would want to "feel" the hips opening toward the direction of the pith before the upper body follows may have it there already but I can't feel it...feels like the upper body and hips are opening in nearly the same's small but may be worth pushing a bit...otherwise really nice...remember the pitch and even hit is all about energy generated from torque...