Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey there everyone. So last night I decided to start a little practice with lipsync'ing and maybe some character animation once I get a chunk of it done. Here is what I did last not. Its about 90% done so far and I would like some critiques to improve my work. This is from a scene in the cinematic gold that is "The Room". One has the controllers so Animators can see what im working with, and one is without the distraction.

Lipsync Practice "The Room" 002 from Jacob Funk on Vimeo.

Lipsync Practice "The Room" 001 from Jacob Funk on Vimeo.


  1. Hey, looks good so far :D That was a fast turn around, too, awesome :)
    I'm not 3D... at all... so I'm not clear on how everything works, but if this were 2D I would suggest getting the tongue to move into a more exaggerated shape on the "L" of Bullshit, and letting the corners of the mouth move in and out a little more around "It's Bullshit" as well.

    Also, I feel like the middle of the brow is wiggling too much. I'd like to see some more eyebrow action over the eyes and not so much over the nose... if that makes sense?

    I really love the movement of the ears with the speech, and the movement of the jaw/cheeks. Good stuff, keep going, please :D

  2. Looks sweet Jake. Really cool to see you practicing and everything. Makes me want to practice more so we can kick ass next year. For a critique i would just say a little pause at some places. when i watch it i kinda want to see some accentuation on certain words and then maybe a tiny pause. i kno the dialogue is very fast and flowing but maybe see what a pause can do.
    just my 2 cents